Since its start in 1958, LTI Contracting has been recognized as a leading subcontractor that specializes in the installation of low temperature insulated metal panels, underfloor insulation, vapor barriers, cold storage doors and complete roof package. We have compiled over the years a full-time knowledgeable and efficient project management, technical and field supervision staff to help aid in any problem and / or detailing on our projects.

Over the past several years, as panel manufactures have expanded their production capabilities to include providing architectural insulated metal panels for use in commercial and industrial applications, we at LTI Contracting have also expanded our focus to include the installation of those products as a growing part of our business. More architects and owners are choosing architectural metal panels to meet their needs, not only for esthetic standpoint, but also from an energy conservation standpoint, leading LTI Contracting to increase our business to meet the demand for this product for a green future.

All of our work is done with our own experienced employees. LTI Contracting prides itself on the fact that we are committed to meeting the schedule and that our quality is based on having full time traveling crews. We have trained our tradesmen in the proper handling and installation of panel products and have become the preferred installer for the largest manufacturers of these products.