LTI is always looking for the best people in the industry and our reputation shows that. So if you are looking for a long term career, not just a job LTI may be the place for you. We have numerous employees or associates that have been with LTI over 20+ years and some over 25+ years.

With that being said, please contact LTI if you take pride in your work, the company you work for and in yourself!

Construction Superintendent MORE

Assist management through oversight and coordination of field operations, in the following areas:

  • Personnel assignment
  • Workforce development
  • Construction operations
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Constructability
  • Cost control
  • Schedule

Personnel Assignment
Coordinate assignments of supervisory and installation personnel to projects. Determine long term and short term requirements.  Access specific skills, strengths and abilities of personnel, match to specific project requirements. 

Workforce Development
Recruit, develop and train personnel. Determine company personnel needs by classification, skill level and experience. Develop recruitment policies and techniques. Develop criteria for assessment of skills and abilities. Establish and implement training policies and procedures. 

Construction Operations
Establish uniform jobsite policies and procedures. Develop written personnel policies governing hiring, firing, promotions, reprimands, sexual harassment and discrimination. Develop installation standards and procedures.

Establish, monitor and enforce safety procedures. Develop safety checklists and jobsite safety equipment requirements. Perform jobsite safety spot checks. Establish safety training policy. 

Establish quality standards. Establish details and procedures for installation of vapor barriers, trim, doors and other. Perform quality spot checks on site. 

Perform constructability analysis for new projects. Determine manpower and equipment requirements, schedule, unusual difficulties or requirements. 

Cost Control
Review project cost estimates, review budgets for equipment rental, labor cost for specific phases and operations. Monitor costs during construction, determine actual costs versus estimated. Alert project personnel to potential cost overruns, initiate corrective action.

Review project schedule requirements. Assist project superintendent with preparation of long term and short term installation schedules. Monitor schedule compliance, determine and implement required corrective measures. 

Construction Carpenter MORE

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Arriving at the construction site early enough to commence work
  • Loading and unloading construction equipment and materials
  • Clearing working areas
  • Working closely with skilled workers
  • Engaging in all forms of hard labor that is necessary for the completion of the construction project
  • Installing various commercial and industrial systems
  • Using, cleaning and maintaining the different tools used on the construction site
  • Carefully handling hoists, cranes and other equipment used to handle the construction material’s
  • Working at heights
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Handling some awkward and repetitive manual tasks
  • Understand and practice safe work habits

Skills and Specifications

  • Must have the necessary physical stamina
  • Must be able to work for extended hours or work days
  • Must be careful during his work to avoid injury
  • Must be able to work with powered construction tools